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7 rules I learned from Audrey Hepburn

7 rules I learned from Audrey Hepburn

There is something undoubting magic about old movies. Something considered even pure, truly original movies. The inspiration arrives after a little marathon of Audrey Hepburn movies. The more I see, the more I am convinced of the style and charm of the most elegant actress, in my opinion, of all times. These movies, a legacy … Sigue leyendo

A french bedtime story

This summer I have taking french classes, and with it I been trying to inmerse myself in everything french. I found this story told by a little french girl that it’s just too cute to resist. Don’t worry it has subtitles. What I hear is huge creativity that kids always have and as we grow … Sigue leyendo

World Cup 2010 Spots

It’s impossible not to get wrapped in The World Cup 2010 mania, and I as many others people have joined in with the obsession. It’s all about joy, union, skills, team, legends, heroes and fans. The whole world watching football. So in the name of the most beautiful sport and advertising here are a couple … Sigue leyendo

For my non-Lost friends

Do you watch Lost or are you preparing for the worst?  Today is a new episode of Lost so expect your friends (i.e. me) to go and annoy you. What do you think?

Gaga and Sir Elton left me “Speechless”

The Grammy was yesterday, and like any other person I TiVo it (not really I have Comcast), and watched it later. The show started with what I think was the best performance of the entire night. Lady Gaga, a true parody of herself and what it is to be famous, and Sir Elton John joined … Sigue leyendo

“Embrace life”

There are some ads that can really touch your heart. I just found this ad today. The combination of the music, the imagery and the simplicity of this TV ad are put together  and make it so beautiful. Not the kind of thoughts you want to be having on a Saturday night, but I’ll put … Sigue leyendo

Advice for 2010

I found this at H&M magazine from the December issue. I think the advices are pretty great!  New years resolution never goes far, probably because you try to implement it right after New Years. So, why not try these tips now, you never know, they could work. Click on it, so you can see it … Sigue leyendo

Summer in December

I warned you that I was a bit obsessed, so here is another PR Stunt video. What’s so great about this type of marketing is that: they are not annoying, fun and not repetitive at all (unless you watch it several times). People who want to see it, go and seek it. They’re one of … Sigue leyendo

Smile, people are dancing!

Currently, I’m obsessed  with Flash Mobs and this kind of PR stunt videos. These are practically out of a Guerilla Marketing book. They are entertaining, make people participate, make a point and fun. For those who don’t know, a flash mob is a group of people who perform, do something different and unexpected in public … Sigue leyendo