Let the sun shine in Canada

Mornings are pretty routinely for everyone. In my case I’m half asleep, so everything I do is the same every day. But, even in my sleep state, a morning wouldn’t be the same without the sun shining from the window. Living in Boston, I used to January’s days being short; Sun is out at 4PM and it really kills any activity. So I can’t imagine living in a place where is completely dark for such a long time. It could turn really depressing if you’re not used to it. I’m not.

So, when I saw this ad by Tropicana where they literally light up Inuvik I was amazed. It’s really inspiring giving people what they truly wished for. Thumbs up for BBDO Toronto. This probably cost a lot of money, but Tropicana made its impact. The great thing about the ad is that is related to the whole theme of Tropicana, juice and morning. It isn’t just something big; it’s something big that makes sense. The music was right for the mood (BTW It’s “The Great Escape” by Patrick Watson). Above everything else, how cool it must have been for everyone to be waken-up by the Tropicana Sun.

Via Yonoveotele


One thought on “Let the sun shine in Canada

  1. This evidences that we are rethinking the way we do ads. We are returning to the human nature behind brands and products–similar to the 90’s–less corny though.

    I prefer campaigns that embody the human touch and contact, which portray that feeling that allows us to identify with the product simply because we are humans; because we like waking up to brighter mornings; because Tropicana should be a part of those mornings.

    P.S. Coming from DR, it is definitely hard to adjust to rainy, cold, cloudy mornings.



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