For my non-Lost friends

Do you watch Lost or are you preparing for the worst?  Today is a new episode of Lost so expect your friends (i.e. me) to go and annoy you. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “For my non-Lost friends

  1. i’m thinking:
    -thank God I don’t live in Boston or anywhere near it anymore,
    -that now i understand the importance of me ruining my blackberry so I can no longer receive voice notes OR pictures; “everything happens for a reason?” yes indeed. a very good reason.
    -jajaja “it’ll feel like you live with a paranoid schizophrenic” jajaja
    -enjoy your show!

  2. Sorry to tell you that:
    -Facebook still exists
    -Now I have you on twitter
    -Call me old fashion but I can call you
    -I’ll see you in two weeks
    Hahaha glad you like it!


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