Dreams, Work and Moms in the Winter Olympics

The snow is all around, the cold gets into your bones and you just want to stay home the whole day with a cup of hot chocolate. It’s the perfect weather for the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.  I must admit I haven’t watched a lot of it, but I have it on right now. Olympics games are the few times when the whole world is put together and actually play games. Sports and community, how can you say no to that? Like it’s expected, I have noticed the ads of a few of the sponsors and really like what I’m seeing. Some of these commercials have a trend. These are kids, dreams, future, moms and people from around the world.

A side note, for those brands that didn’t take the opportunity: If your going to advertise in the Olympics make an effort and try to theme your ad in some kind of relation with the Winter Olympics themselves. Anything, not just what you are already airing in another channel or program.

Now, the ads; you will soon understand why I’m repeating moms so much. P&G are now calling themselves “Proud sponsors of Moms,” which I think is genius. With P&G, who else can you target better than moms. You can’t go wrong with the moms and with the sons and daughters either. They go with: “To their Moms, They’ll always be kids,” practically a known fact for any family. McDonald’s goes also with a kid and his dream, reflecting on the future. Chevy also does a good ad, with “We carry.”  Considering that they do carry the future Olympians to their practices, from and to home. Good strategy and good implementation.

Then there come all the ads about the world, the athletes, their dreams and never giving up. Starting with Visa and their Go World campaign. With Morgan Freeman in the voice over, they have me sold. After it GE, something that has been done, but I think is pretty good. Finally for Nike I’m not sure if these are the Winter Olympic ads, because I haven’t caught it on TV yet, but I really like them.  No one can tell you get up and work, better than Nike. It’s really inspiring, just do it. Don’t think, don’t make excuses, just do it. I should have the Nike ads as everyday inspiration.





Can’t post video, the link is: http://www.youtube.com/user/GEreports#p/u/2/wiDPc-yMrYw


The posts are getting longer every time! But tell me yourself, are you following the Winter Olympics? Any sport in particular? Any ad you like, didn’t like? Some ads I haven’t seen? Or in Tim Gunn’s words: did they make it work?

Ps. Happy Valentines and Happy Chinese New Year!


2 thoughts on “Dreams, Work and Moms in the Winter Olympics

  1. Very interesting perspective. In terms of the game: I watched the opening. It was really nice since I learned a lot about Canada lol.

    In terms of the ads, so much to say.

    I feel like we are going back to the late 80’s, early 90’s commercial ads, where firms are targeting the heart, the emotions, the human nature. I personally like that. Anyone can identify with the ads above, specially the moms who took care of them, and the parents who carried them.

    I LOVE IT: it is the 90’s all over again, where corny has escalated to a whole new level of sophistication.

    Everyone dreams, everyone has a dream, we all want to get to our “destiny.” We can all find a message in these ads. And that is where one finds the effectiveness of advertisement, when an ad does not feel like an ad and rather like a company that simply understand the consumer.

    Con aprecio,

  2. Yes, I really like what they are doing. Especially, in programs like these where people watch from all over the world. It’s also what Pepsi is doing with their new campaign about helping each other.
    These ads are more brand ads than everything else, and I think is the best way to connect with the consumer.


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