Gaga and Sir Elton left me “Speechless”

The Grammy was yesterday, and like any other person I TiVo it (not really I have Comcast), and watched it later. The show started with what I think was the best performance of the entire night. Lady Gaga, a true parody of herself and what it is to be famous, and Sir Elton John joined together. Lady Gaga started her song, in her own dramatic and signature self,  singing “Poker Face” and was then disposed and labeled as a monster. She, then came out saying: “Take my picture Hollywood, I want to be a star!” accompanied by no other than Sir Elton John. It doesn’t matter how she dresses or how she acts; she really is talented. They sang a medley of “Speechless” and “Your song.”

What I really like about award ceremonies like this is that  you can see different artists playing together. You know, enjoy the music. The rest of The Grammy was fun, but I have to admit I wanted the Dave Matthews Band to win. I like them, they’re simple, cool and earthy, down to earth. I like Taylor Swift’s songs, don’t get me wrong, but it’s Dave Matthews. Beyonce was a big winner, and also Kings of Leon, so I’m happy overall. The cutest part was in Jay-Z’s acceptance speech with this cute kid. You can put it on second  0:30

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(For those who can’t see this video I put another link in a comment)

Moving on to people presenting, Stephen Colbert was really funny. From getting an iPad from his jacket to asking his daughter again and again “Am I cool now?” He finally got the yes when he had a Grammy in his hands.

Finally, kudos to the Grammy for using social media in several aspects: from the Bon Jovi song, to the Black Eyed Peas videos, to all the twittering, to the live stream video and blogs. Good way to integrate everything together and finally realizing that a lot of people watch TV and use the computer at the same time (right now I’m watching House). This is a record for me, really long post. But, now I’m done.


8 thoughts on “Gaga and Sir Elton left me “Speechless”

  1. It is almost as if the theme of the night was integration between artists and social media. I like that concept too. It gives you a chance of seeing your favorite artists playing with others.

    P.S. Do you know Ía Holsteinson. I go to school with her. We have class together…



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