Smile, people are dancing!

Currently, I’m obsessed  with Flash Mobs and this kind of PR stunt videos. These are practically out of a Guerilla Marketing book. They are entertaining, make people participate, make a point and fun.

For those who don’t know, a flash mob is a group of people who perform, do something different and unexpected in public then every participant immediately goes on their way, as if nothing happened. They leave a trail of confused and hopefully entertained people. One single person could be called crazy, unusual or even go unnoticed, but a group of people (and the more the better) will definitely grasp people’s attention.

One of my favorites is a stunt  in Belgium, where people danced to the Sound of Music “Do re mi.” It was last year for a TV show, they were looking for the lead role.

Doesn’t it put a smile in your face?


3 thoughts on “Smile, people are dancing!

  1. I am definitely smiling right now. I like it!!!

    I have seen this before with the NYC group. They went to a supermarket and randomly started to sing and dance in the produce section lol. It is so clever–and random. So cool.

    By the way, have you seen Oprah’s 24th season opener? They closed a block in Michigan Ave. in Chicago, where the audience danced together to I Got a Feeling. It is so cool too. Hundreds of people dancing coordinated. You should You Tube it.

    Con aprecio,

  2. mariii. pero y esto tan chulo?
    me encantooo!!! como esa gente hace esooo? son demasiadooos!
    me gusta tu blog. its a perfect start. ya veo que si voy a leer unos cuantos libros tuyos algun dia.
    keep it up. muua


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