Starting with a somber post…and a touch of hope

This is my first post in my blog, even if I wanted I couldn’t start without mentioning Haiti, with all that is happening around with my neighbor country. With more than 50,000 people already buried, it is a sad time for the the whole world. Such a catastrophe shows the vulnerability of human kind, but at least when it is needed everyone lends a helping hand. In the United States, it is all over the news and everyone is helping. In DR, I know for a fact that everyone is moving and doing everything to help Haiti. With all this tragedy, I’ll show you at least a survival story, that even in all this tragedy, hope can still be found in the smallest places. A story of survival from CNN:

For people in the USA, you can send a text message to the number 90999 saying: “Haiti” and it will donate $10 from the Red Cross. This is just one of the many ways to help. In the States they’re saying to send money instead of materials because of how hard it is to move all the material to Port-au-Prince. In the DR, it may be be different because we can move everything by land. Para aquellas personas en la Republica Dominicana, como ya saben hay muchos lugares donde se puede donar dinero o materiales de ayuda. Aqui hay una pagina donde se puede encontrar informacion de como y donde hacerlo: . To anyone reading this first blog lets help and hope for the sake of Haiti, and remember that hope is the last thing to lose.


2 thoughts on “Starting with a somber post…and a touch of hope

  1. I am definitely with Haiti on these days. I am so happy that my fellow Dominican citizens have put aside the political and historical differences with Haiti to lend the country a helping hand. I believe that there is a before and after the quake. This should represent a new beginning for Haiti, a country that is in urgent need of economic and political development.

    I love that you have started a blog! I also have one and encourage you to come by. I have also written about the tragedy from the Dominican perspective. Today, I am definitely with Haiti.

    Buenos deseos,


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